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SwiftUI Docs

An unofficial guide to Apple's SwiftUI.

SwiftUI is great! But sifting through the official spec can be daunting, and learning exclusively from tutorials can feel incomplete.

For example, a tutorial tells you to style Text("Hello world!") with .font(.title). That's nice, but what are the other options besides .title? What do these other options look like?

The provided docs aren't always the most visual, and Xcode's built-in (Option+click) doc search feature isn't always the most helpful.

Wouldn't it be great if we could scan the docs and instantly see how SwiftUI works? I thought so, which is why I'll take notes here as I learn SwiftUI myself. Maybe you'll find this helpful too.

This site isn't intended to encompass an exhaustive specification of SwiftUI and everything else in the Apple developer ecosystem. Instead, think of it as a quick-start guide (with pictures!) to hit the ground running.

Am I missing something? Yes, because I just started. Did I get something horribly wrong? Probably, because I rarely know what I'm doing. But that's all okay, because this project is open-source - and contributions are welcome!

If you have any questions or would otherwise like to get in touch, feel free to send me a message at hi@yihwan.kim or find me on most things @yihwan.

Happy hacking!

Future Content

  • Introduction to SwiftUI (View model, modifier precedence, and so on)
  • Layout & Positioning: Stacks, LayoutPriority
  • Navigation
  • Lists
  • Forms (inputs)
  • Drawing (shapes, gradients, patterns)
  • Animation
  • State
  • Other Important Data Stuff Beyond State
  • Xcode & The Stages of Grief
  • and more ...